-A group of women half of the middle-aged Middle bridge playing cards Smart Detox in one space. Diliat from them, this game was in fact not limited to hoby. In it there are also values the views of daily life, pleasure and challenge. One communal containers sharpening the brain, so that all things do not suddenly so dark. We played this foolishness has been ingrained, said Ruth Cummins (92), one of the players, dropship smart detox while someone poured a bit of added energy drink Red Bull in the middle game of that time.

Following that protects us stay afloat. A place where colleagues closest we have, the more Georgia Scott (99), women admirers bridge to another. In the table the following bridge goes mencenangkan. Some seniors are generally the same with senility even able to do so otherwise. Can recall the cards even doing calculations difficult. Type card game involving four players who are both paired this give a big advantage to those who can remember it well. Forget the card, meaning Miss. Certainly this could cause a negative team and unfortunately, it is also a social connection with her partner.


Time we started falling, you skew is not memercayainya, said Julie Davis (89), women who regularly play bridge in Laguna Woods, a commune divided into 20. 000 pensioners in South Los Angeles, the United States, during this time, some scientists already have found little evidence that diet or exercise the mind can affect the possibility for developing Alzheimer at age increasingly more 90th. .. They are punberargumentasi, the activity uses the moment through thought exercise by doing crossword puzzles and reading a book can delay the arrival of the signs of old age. As well as, social connections, including also relationships with peers, can be so so. When isolated, healthy human mind can also be lost as well as with how fast can naturally disorientation. This sort of thing also realized some psychologists.

There is little evidence that points in the summary if the more some people you can contact, at home or outside, so the more good you do with how mental and psychic. Connect with people-orangsecara regularly, it’s even stranger, can stimulate the brain ability is like working on a puzzle, said Dr. Claudia Kawas, an expert on the nerves of the California Campus, United States, such as the dilaporkanInternational Herald Tribune. Super memory Club within one year late, the more some people like Ny. Scott and Cummins is attracting the attention of scientists. They include some of the 200 people that masihbisa survived until the age of 90 years old. no more signal mark of senility or decrease benefits to memory. They are described as a group of Super Memory Club, a very likely culprit masihlah can remember some past time then with the light. They are namely the great achievement in the history of human life.

Superini Memory Club phenomenon is said to be helping investigators unravel what real essence that can be taken to make a mental acuity survived until the end of the age. They include some of the most successful nursing some people on Earth. As well, this is just the beginning for us to learn what the main in the genes, habits, as well as their lives. We would have thought, for example, so the main untukmenggunakan your brain. Keep sharpening the mind. However, all this bustle may be different. We see some evidence that the social component is very crucial, said Claudia. Dementia or senility namely the public take place on some of the seniors. At the age of 65 years old, the chance terhinggapi senility grabbed 15%. That chance increased 2 x folding each age five so add th. .. De mensia Alzheimer’s, that is one of the most dreaded dementia Variant. Disease of brain degeneration that was triggered this even can also lead to substitution of human behavior. In the world, right now, the sufferer is predicted at least 15 million people. Laguna Woods that is the greatest in the world study center in mental acuity and some seniors. Pioneered by several researchers at the California Campus. 1981 with the study called the 90 + Study, the commune covers 14. 000 people aged 65 and above as well as increasingly more 1. 000 elderly aged 90 and above.

Some studies require time to years to be led. The beginning of this study begins with the turn of the mengertitentang scientist point of view the system measures the aging brain. The evidence pointed out if some of the people who use their time, three hours or so, with the activity of the mind a kind of playing cards could reduce the chances of senility. But, masihlah can not drawn conclusions interlacing causation if they can actively due to always think of sharp contrast, think thus or sharp because they are active. Researchers download demonstrated opportunities of people afflicted by Alzheimer’s after the age of 90 was not makin tapered as first suspected. Of the 600 people who reach for the aged 95, based on a survey, just 40% of men and 60% of women one of which including the senile. When the same, further studies on those so old bore guide if aspects of genetics can help seniors stay has a good memory.

Although, it’s a enunjukkan m brain Alzheimer’s disease. In the 90 + Study currently projects driven California Campus, researchers with a means of regularly do test genetic, memory, take blood samples, as well as their busy life and record. As well as, in some issues doing post-mortem analysis on their brains. Researchers at UC now has this been memiliki100 specimens stored in the brain bank have them. Equally give attention to be able to slide into Laguna Woods, some seniors have to memenuhipersyaratan, one of which they will require special attention in a way full. Their minds stay sharp when they arrive here, even though the average age at 65 to 90th. .. They start their new life here. Make new friendships and might just be a romantic tangle resulted. Amazingly, they-they are so old, this initiative to improve skills in laboratory analyzes the Group’s private semasing.

They are equally diagnose based on observation full perhatiansatu another. Learn to distinguish some kinds of type memory loss, which can be arranged as well as anywhere exciting doesn’t reply. They initiated a new preoccupation, one of whom in the commune health centre, or try the new hoby with 400 club. Bother, as a freshman at the University of new. But, there is one notable distinction: they are less interested in tomorrow as well as time went on.

We live for this day, said Dr. Leon Manheimer, a longtime resident of Laguna Woods currently aged around 90th. .. On those who are Super Memory Club, tomorrow is not very much meaning. In which, it is generally the case, i.e. they also prosecuted remains must be able to live independently. Means, they must be able to answer the departure of close friend at any time. The first thing that always wants us working on that is always trying to help them. However, after some long we also finished with a question: what is my role here? If I someone care givers? You have to decide how far you go, when you have to have your own life to is, said Davis.