Rasa-rasanya most people already know birth control called condoms. Exception to avoid pregnancy, the current benefits of condoms increased to avoid transmission of venereal disease or HIV/AIDS disease. However, do you know how the original found condoms? Masihlah yet the light of the place where the word condom comes. There is a thought that word comes from a town called Condom that was found in the province of Gascony, beside southwestern France.

Men from the town of Condom is popular with its like sex, less patient, and easily snarled, more or less like the traits of the character in the play Cyrano de Bergerac directed by Edmond Rostrands. Other opinions conveying the word condom is taken from the name of Dr. Condom, one United Kingdom origin doctor who had the title of Prince. In the middle of th. 1600, he was the first to introduce a funnel to cover the penis making the protection of King Charles II from the transmission of venereal disease. According to Charles Beach, in his book the Origins of Sexy and Intimate Things, holsters to make protection of the penis has been used since centuries ago. The history point out some of the Romans, it might just as well Egypt, wearing a thin skin of the bladder and intestines of animals as a Holster. The primitive used condoms was not to avoid pregnancy but avoid venereal disease.

To squeeze the birth, ranging from ancient man always comes to rely the woman to choose a form of contraception. I.e. Gabriello Fallopia, doctor from Italy who lived in the era of the first time explaining the two flat tubes that carry the egg from the ovaries to the uterus. He is known as the father of condoms because of the mid th. 1500 he make linen gloves have fit (fit) size of the penis as well as making the protection of the surface of the skin. His invention was tested on 1000 men try and succeed. 17 era in the form of condoms are not thin and made from the intestines of animals, fish or membrane material is linen that slick. But due to the sexual pleasure condoms are seen less as well as not forever to avoid transmission of disease efficacious (as a result of usage many times without any washed), condoms are also so popular and so the ingredients to be teased.

Someone even French aristocrat also mention condoms as a shield against love, protective gloves of the disease. However, the condom remains in use because at that time a lot of anxious men who contracted venereal disease. A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue published in London. 1785 mention condoms as a dried goat intestines used men in the tangle of sex to avoid the transmission of diseases. The form of condoms is also the longer the more appropriate so that the intention of safe and comfortable. After this period the intestines of goats, some of the materials also tried to make condoms: Condoms are made of karetSarung rubber tervulkanisir appears in th. 1870. the people and then just mention the Holsters that rubber.

At that time the rubber condom so expensive and not thin. Some of the wearer are encouraged to wash it before as well as after the interlacing. They could use it to karetnya to leak or burst. More latexJauh not thick condoms, sterile, and just once use the condom, most recently started generation introduced th. 1930s. Some condoms in the oval-shaped design as well as well as the impact of women’s pleasure to tickle. Condoms also have a hood for added convenient to store sperm for men as well as safe for women. Condom polyuretanIni was most recently versus of condoms. Made of thick latex no more, more impermeable and anti-leak, and lubricants. This new ideal was called a condom for men as well as safe for women with allergies in latex.

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