Yes, other words ambeien hemorrhoids in haemorrhoid is indeed not a heavy disease. Have several tens of th. exposed, should nevertheless not be worse. Whether or not chronic hemorrhoids a dependent how to live peacefully side by side with the miseries of wasirnya. Smart Detox Certainly not most people exposed to hemorrhoids. Just on those who are the liver, the organ problems urinating magnitude often loud, and often straining, blood vessels behind the walls of the duburnya gradually swell. Swelling of the vein which then make a hemorrhoids. Once it has been swollen, meaning there is a weak point in that vessel.

After subsiding, the vessels would deflate again by itself. Especially when helped by drink, drugs except medication the suppository is inserted into the rectum of liang. But, hemorrhoids have the potential to swell again in a repeated hard bowel movements as well as avail strong straining. Hemorrhoid patients have very have experience with events of the recurrence of the disease. The show each morning met with hemorrhoids. Often relapse in a day late defecation. Kumatnya hemorrhoids have not definitely bleed. There comes a time charge remaining pain anal in liang. Just maybe just create blisters liang anal. Whether or not chronic disease hemorrhoids depend where the place of wasirnya. Hemorrhoid more painful side when compared with hemorrhoids in the side. Hemorrhoids bleeding ever left the inflammation in the environment. Often infected because in contact with feces.

The stool can be there are the seeds of disease. Do not forget, bleeding hemorrhoids often create anemia as well. Be aware when people with hemorrhoids appear pale, may have less blood. Who hasn’t hemorrhoid was actually formed can be avoided. Who have liver problems, treat the ailment before berkomplikasi so hemorrhoids. Smart Detox Many users who have hemorrhoids, take care lest not often kumat. Increasingly often, the kumat hemorrhoids so enlarged wasirnya. Hemorrhoids are getting so grown up increasingly had a problem. Ultimately it took the action because the drug operations have not may just help. Keep the hemorrhoid that takes two things. First, the defecation should be organised at least once daily. 2, so that it can be a regular bowel movements, stool made flabby and not dry. Hence the need to consume fruit-vegetable requirement. Papaya most ideal create people with hemorrhoids. And in order to make the stool hard, not drinking enough water.

When with the 2nd way is not successfully make the stool easy issued, there is a remedy for pelembek feces. Often the cause of the formation of the stool is not prime. This is often due to the lack the element of probiotics. We know, there are good germs (gut flora) in the gut. Good germs necessary to make the healthy feces, except to remove the germs of the disease in the bowel. If the probiotics are less frequent, abnormal stools, as well as the colon is often infected. Probiotics need nourished with menus that provide eating germs or prebiotik. Bawangan-onion and nuts helps nourish the intestinal germ. Daily menus need be equipped with type it. Shall soon drink a laxative because just a natural way out probiotika smoothen the digestive tract.

Except shortage of fruit-vegetable-consumption white water or intestinal flora disturbed, often constipation lasted due to less moving body. A lot of silence, less physical bustle, create constipation as well. Type bebuahan like salak, guava, and Apple skin including those that create constipation. Reasonable in frequency blocking Martinet constipation defecation as well as that which is often credited with coining kumatnya hemorrhoids. Type menu spicy, stimulating herbs, plenty of meat-dagingan, as well as the figure of the stool may also make a rougher kumat hemorrhoids. Scraping rough and hard stools open new wounds on liang rectal blood vessels until the hemorrhoids relapse. Smart Detox Do not forget, after taking the antibiotic can take constipation as well. Healthy intestinal flora that participated and killed all the drinking antiobiotika. In order to progress, it is not constipation selekasnya probiotic drink (yogurt) to nourish the intestinal germ again. By Dr. Handrawan Nadesul

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