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Imagine if the monster of Frankenstein created a monster. This creature would necessarily bad? It was the original evil monster itself, or independent forces its will simply lead to a cruel and disturbing way?
‘The Avengers 2’ does not have a post-credits scene: Joss Whedon
Nature versus nurture is a problem in the heart of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, a film about the creation of things that eventually consumed or destroyed or can be your salvation. Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. invents Ultron as omniscient, monitoring of global intelligence, something he hopes to protect the world.
But rebels against Ultron father wanted to decide the best way is to wipe the planet clean of humanity. But also dreams replace it with something better, we all hope for the next generation. Leading this merchant died giving birth to a new way of life of the man who finally sees in all its glory in front of you, Paul Bettany Vision.
Ultron develops vision while driving the war against most organic life on the planet, with the exception of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Elizabeth Olsen twin war orphan Aaron Taylor-Johnson that feed hatred because Stark weapons Your company has made rained down on their homes in Eastern Europe fictitious country. They are useful for Ultron as built and governs his army of robots from a remote mountain redoubt. . “Of course I always think Frankenstein Castle, he lives in a film of universal terror” Whedon told EW before seeing the recorder and whispers: “Not follow!”
STORY synthesized
Those who know the vision of the past five decades of Marvel Comics know that this is a synthesized-not exactly a machine, but a hybrid artificial life form created by Ultron, using brain waves android body Wonder Man and the Human Torch in the decade 1930 Golden Age comic book universe. (A robotic version of the character, which is not the best known Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four version.)

In real life, the vision was literally built on the remains of an ancient hero of the same name: a type of alien police created by Marvel Mystery Comics # 13 (November 1940) the writer Joe Simon and Jack Kirby artist. Later, iconic Marvel editor Stan Lee and writer (who is running for one of their signatures cameos in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as a veteran of the Second World War) and other comics drawn Roy Thomas reintroduced the character designs John Buscema in The Avengers # 57, published in October 1968.

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It gave the world the version we see in the film Ultron-son, conceived as a way to trap enemies in The Avengers, and also to remove some of the issues that Dad oppressed percolation artificial intelligence program into a violent rage. It is not yet clear how the shading of Vision will remain the same for the film. Writer-director Joss Whedon has already changed part of history Ultron it a hybrid creation of Iron Man and robotic experiments Baron Wolfgang von Strucker of HYDRA (played by Thomas Kretschmann) do. But in comics, Ultron was created by Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will join this summer as Michael Douglas.

In the comics, the wasp was the first to discover the synthezoid and gave it a name, through its reaction while attacking (she?): “It’s kind of inhuman supernatural vision …”!

No Wonder Man in the film universe Marvel, and even if this is another Human Torch, the name is probably related to the topics of license with 20th Century Fox. In contrast, the “corpse” Ultron uses to build their version of Vision is a character we already know the Iron Man movies; an indication of what’s in a game that was released to him.

A. I. VS. A. I.
Bettany has always provided the voice of JARVIS, the artificial “steward” intelligence that helped make the Iron Man Stark and serves as a kind of impassive sheet Downey’s character. The program is named after Edwin Jarvis, who was the man and “servant” to Tony’s father, Howard Stark. We saw that flesh and blood Jarvis played by James

D’Arcy in the television series Agent Carter.
So far, Bettany has only provided the voice of the computer homage to the original Jarvis. When it was revealed that would appear on the screen in Age of Ultron as vision, fans began to wonder … is that on purpose?

The answer, revealed in June to EW is an unequivocal yes. “It is no coincidence,” Whedon said, although he wanted to keep the character in secret for a little longer. Therefore, only a month of its release, I finally see the full vision after only an overview of a recent teaser trailer of his face and solar gem that gives power.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige SE just explain that although the study was conducted in 2012 behind The Avengers, Whedon and talk about it and why Ultron should be the villain for the future. J.A.R.V.I.S. And the vision was a big part of it.

“I clearly remember a conversation we had on the set of the first film, how Ultron related [to] the other AI that established in the film [JARVIS] and how it might relate to the Vision of character,” Feige said. “We suspect from the beginning and the details of the story and everything is where Joss began.”

So now instead of just the voice recording Bettany is a being with body film by Marvel, able to fly and change its density to pass through solid objects. Skin features familiar comic book character violet red color, but this time the surface is filled with layers like something from a 3-D printer. It looks like a lot of time in the makeup and costumes. “By his own admission, [Bettany] is very disappointed that he has done to show this time,” said Downey EW.

There are many things about the role of vision in Age of Ultron we will not share, for the sake of preserving the surprises of the film. But EW may reveal more about Ultron “no strings on me” and how to escape from this new creation JARVIS becomes an exaggeration that (at least initially) is his father and teacher, Ultron.
Warning: Mild spoilers ahead …

You’ve probably seen in the trailers that Avengers First Meeting of the commercial version of Ultron of homicides in the last hours of a party to victory in its new headquarters at the top of the tower Stark. As played by James Spader (using technology motion capture), Ultron is seeking sentinel-reeling under the horrible form of a beaten and burned armyworm, a blue and white Iron Man Stark created to help global threats of police and take some of the pressure on human heroes.

The Ultron program has consumed all the elements of human knowledge, and concluded that the most threatening the planet is humanity in general and the Avengers in particular. It ranting, confused. Ultron mentioned still do not know where he is, and he says he had to flee. But it meant “kill the other guy.” No one is sure what this talk robot. Perhaps the robot is not safe either.

But it is becoming clearer, and after a conference on shady Avengers are not heroes, but rather a part of the world the problem, this zombie version of Ultron distributes various puppets other legionaries to fight the good guys.
All mechanical attackers, including in the form of shreds Ultron, are rather quickly demolished, but we see that Ultron is more than a body. Downloads his conscience and download again in another form, one of the robotic body Strucker was developing in his refuge.

Back to Stark Tower, the Avengers try to understand what happened. Everyone is furious Stark to build this program without knowing whether it could contain. But he insists J.A.R.V.I.S. was there to maintain order in the computer system and keep other programs like Ultron online.

But when Stark tries to hail JARVIS, the only answer is strangely silent. Finally, call a holographic visual JARVIS to see what can be the problem, and the Avengers met with an incoherent image of violence that looks like a digital slaughter. Was “the other”, Ultron said. J.A.R.V.I.S. That had to kill escape.

And when Ultron was, he also took what was left of JARVIS himself informed that includes all technologies Tony Stark has ever made. And when the time comes to build Vision, you can imagine that JARVIS is a great substitute for core components of brain waves Ultron used in comics.

Questions about vision-is JARVIS still there somewhere? And having a father who is a monster that must become a good?

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